Husband Material

This is a practical guide written by Anietie Bature aimed at helping the readers define their path in the journey of finding true love. The book also has a workbook version with actionable tasks. 



The client needed her manuscript created into an easy-to-carry book with a workbook people could write on.

I worked with the writer and editor to decide the best layout sizes for each book ( 5×8″ main book & 6×9 workbook), having various factors in mind like; overall book volume, mobility, and usability (for the workbook). Then I handled the designs for the covers (for eBook & Paperback), inside layout, and marketing flyers. I also created a single page reading guide for the users to help them understand the chapters better.

I also worked with her marketing team to upload the print version to Amazon kindle publishing and ensured it was right for print. Local print versions were also made.

Work Book

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