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I work with diverse clients to create design solutions that transcend mere aesthetic appeal to solving problems creatively and uniquely.


From a young technician’s hobby to a family man’s profession.

Hi, I am Paul, an Independent Visual Design Creative based in Eket, Nigeria. I started graphic design as a hobby during my mechanical apprenticeship period with ExxonMobil Upstream Nigeria in 2015. Working afterwards as a contract technician, granted me full access to LinkedIn Learning Premium where I learnt & practised as much as I could after work, and through that, nurtured my design passion through a side hustle phase into a full-time profession.

One quality that makes me unique from other designers is my strong desire for constant personal development through self-driven pieces of training/practice, direct mentoring by industry-leading experts (like Jarrod Drysdale), and loads of experience from lots of successful projects. Thanks to that, my skillset spans all possible design needs my constantly evolving clients might have. I believe creativity is freedom and each tool I add to my quiver opens new doors of solutions and possibilities.

I got married to the love of my life, Enchantresx, at the age of 25 and together we inspire many to believe in love and to give their best to create healthy and happy relationships through our annual self-published magazine project –Enchanted Magazine – among others.

When I am not providing simple and effective solutions for my clients or learning; I enjoy landscape/nature photography, and travelling with my Enchantresx. When alone and not lost in my head, I mostly live inside my headphones and groove to TØP, Imagine Dragons, and their likes while rummaging tech blogs.

In a nutshell, I am amazing and we should work on something great together. Don’t take my word for it, ask my wife.

“Do not wait. the time cannot be just right. Start where you stand, work with any tool at your command; more tools will come your​ way as you work.”

Napoleon Hills
Think And Grow Rich

“Yes! I’m so Amazing; that’s the least I shall be. At the heart of the Nation changing history.”

TY Bello
The Future

Mechanical precision and dexterity meets creativity…


Mechanical precision and dexterity meet creativity…

Data Visualization & Information Design

Professional Data Visualization & Information Design course by Federica Fragapane



Data Analytics

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate



Full Stack Web Development

The Complete 2022 Web Development Bootcamp by Dr Angela Yu



Product Design

A beneficiary of UK-Nigeria Tech Hub fully-funded Product Design Scholarship with Dufuna Design School


Theory Sprints

Design Principles & Theory course by Jarrod Drysdale


Graphic Design & Design Tools

over 40 professional courses in Design Theory, Tools, and Practice



Mechanical Engineering Technology

City & Guilds Level 4 in Mechanical Engineering Technology

exxonmobil apprenticeshiip


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Distinction Grade National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology

petroleum training institute


Axenic Photo scaled


I believe each tool I add to my quiver unlocks new creative doors


I believe creativity is freedom, and each tool I add to my quiver opens new doors of solutions and possibilities.

Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Product Design

Adobe XD
Invision Studio

Web Design

Front End (HTML & CSS)
Page Builders (Elementor, WP Bakery, Tatsu, Avada)

Video/Animation/3D Modelling

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Audition
Maxon Cinema 4D
Octane Render

Data Analytics & Visualization

Google Sheets & MS Excel
BigQuery (SQL)
R Programming

Show & Tell

Currently vibing to Oliver Tree, Nosa, and OneRepublic. Also enjoys TØP, The Lumineers, fun., Lorde, AJR…

Disfruto aprendiendo hablar español con Duolingo y mis amigos

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson

Rick & Morty, Solar Opposites, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul.. #BringBackPatriotAct

An M1 MacBook Pro docked to a CalDigit TS4 with Logitech Master mouse & keyboard and a 4k Monitor.

Travelling, Nature/Landscape Photography, Dancing

My Wife

…for now. She’ll birth a healthy competition soon.

Spent mostly on TheVerge, Dave2D, VisualCapitalist, funny Youtube Shorts, and curated articles from Google Newstand


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Seen My Works?

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