This & That Inc.

This & That Inc. is a luxury and lifestyle brand for the cat connoisseur. The company caters for design-obsessed cat owners looking to invest in high-quality feline furniture and goods.

This was a full brand identity project used as an assessment for a Senior Visual Design role.

Logo, App Icon, Style Guide, Social Media branding & banners, Product Packaging, Advert/Print Media, Cloth Branding, etc.

Designer & Copywriter

Logo Concept

The brand logo is an embodiment of simplicity and class with a message tucked between the text-dominated logo. It was inspired by a photo of the Ashera Cat staring deep straight into the camera. Aside from being the most expensive domestic cat, it looks and acts the part: speaking of a majestic gait and royal poise, it exudes everything This & That Inc. stands for.

Fun Facts

  1. All these (ideation, writing, design, etc.) were delivered in less than three days.
  2. All three reviewers were well impressed with my solution and gave their approval.
  3. I learnt so much about cats than I knew about them during this project.

  4. I got selected as one of the top candidates and had a Final Interview with the Director.
“Paul, I love how there is a reason for every decision you made in this project”
Marketing Lead
Reviewer 1
“Paul, I love how there is a reason for every decision you made in this project”
Marketing Lead
Reviewer 1

Brand Style Guide

This is a 30-page excerpt of the 58-page brand style guide. You can download a full pdf version by clicking the ‘Download Full’ button.


Social Media Branding

“It’s creative, how you came up with those cat names & gave character to them. For me to get to review your work, means it’s really good.”
Visual Communication Lead
Reviewer 2
Facebook Page Mockup 2020

Instagram Posts

Instagram Story Banners

“The creative team really enjoyed your assessment, and we are all wondering how Brad owns 5 businesses 🤣.
…hope to see you on our team very soon! 💪
Motion Education Lead
Reviewer 3

Other Mock Ups

The Litter Box, Cat Feeder, and Hoodies are real products of  Cat Person Inc.
The images were only used in this project for Mock Up Purposes. You should totally check them out if you are a cat person.

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