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Enchanted magazine is a project I undertake with my wife, Enchantresx, to help promote a healthy and loving relationship using our experiences. The magazine is published annually and features content from other contributors.

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This project involves collaborating with others in writing, transcribing, interviewing, art directing, photography/costuming, marketing, and project management. I handled the layout design and publication. Here are a few layouts from the magazine.

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About Enchanted Magazine

‘Enchanted Magazine’ is a creative project of Paul ‘Luna’ Ikonne & Glory ‘Enchantresx’ Ikonne AKA Enchanted Couple: a young adventurous duo who don’t mind sharing their journey of love and marriage with the world. The demo issue of this annual magazine premiered on their wedding day, and since then, they have kept the fire burning.

The vision behind this project is to inspire & promote real, healthy, and focused relationships & marriages using their unfolding love story as a real-life model. Each issue will also feature mind-blowing love stories from people that have inspired them, among others.

In all, you will love the journey you will embark on as you scroll through each page of this not-so-common magazine.

Team Members

Enchanted Magazine won’t be possible without some hands. And I am glad to say that I collaborate with some of the best hands on this project.

Glory 'Enchantresx' Paul
Solomon Buchi
Editor in Chief
Uche 'UCEE' Bright
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