PhotoWaka Virtual Summit 2020

PhotoWaka is a photography social enterprise focused on retelling the story of Africa. The 2020 Virtual Summit was one of the events organized by the organization.

About The Event

I had to lead a group of young designers in creating an ad campaign for our client’s event (A virtual summit). The goal was to increase the visibility of the brand and get people to register for the event.

The event also had a photography competition of which we needed to push the awareness too. I came up with a concept (from the theme) for the event, created the early designs & design templates, and directed the design team to achieve our aim.

For consistency and speed, I also created a design guide. The result was positive: over 500 participants and more than 1200 entries for the competition were recorded.

Shoot Your Shot! Contest

A Photography Competition sponsored by Golden Penny Pasta

PhotoWakaAfrica Guideline scaled
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